30 septembre 2013

Monday's To-Do-List #19

No TDL last week...sorry! This week has been devoted to finish the Abbey Jacket and starting the Lovely Rita Skinnies (always by Shwin). I used the same fabric I had used for the Charleston. I really enjoy sewing this fabric. This is the very first pair of pants I've ever sewn and I added a fly zip and, so far, it just worked fine (except for a slight pucker...)! I just have to sew the crotch seam and the belt, and I'll be done with it! I'm eager to see it on miss G. Agenda of this week:      -taking... [Lire la suite]
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21 septembre 2013

Lucy Tunic #1

Why " #1#? Because many more Lucy Tunics will be sewn in the future! I adore this appttern, really. It is easy to sew and in such different ways! I decided to sew a Fall version of it, using babycord. It will be used as a short-sleeved jacket, over a pair of jeans.     Pattern: Lucy Tunic, Shwin Designs, size 6Y for Miss G, aged 7, very thin little girl Fabrics: lightweight babycord and "peacock" cotton, both from a local fabric store Alterations: no pocket, invisible snaps for closure and a homemade flower (with a... [Lire la suite]
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19 septembre 2013

Indie Patterns for Men!!!

It's sometimes difficult to find patterns for men, apart from the big firms'. Butterick, Mc Call's et al are mainstrean and, sometimes, I'd like to find something else. I really wished to find indie patterns for the man in my life and tadaaam, on a web-esque adventure, I stumbled across THREAD THEORY. Indie patterns for men AND in PDF (I like PDF patterns, since being in France, shippping is always a problem!) Look at that: NEWCASTLE CARDIGAN I like it. Full stop! Plain, looks comfy, slim-fit and I like the collar. Very few... [Lire la suite]
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18 septembre 2013

Monday's?...Tuesday's?...whatever day's To-Do List!

Sorry, sorry, my Monday's TDL was completely forgotten yesterday due to Mr J's departure for a 4-day field trip with his school! And you know what it is: packing up way too much stuff (especially due to bad weather and multiple outdoor activities...) and trying to fit everything in his dad's huge sport bag (except Mr J...!) So, last week saw me sewing EVERY SINGLE DAY! something I never did before (I'm such a slow and/or lazy lady!):           Miss G's Lucy Tunic waits for its buttons.... [Lire la suite]
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10 septembre 2013

What about a Charleston?

A pattern I bought when I started sewing, a nice denim, slightly stretchy (a breeze to sew!), but no bias (I finally found one that was perfectly vintage!). A vintage button too (Thanks, mrs G!). And there we go, a old-school over-dress named "Charleston", by the French pattern-maker "C'est Dimanche". I really couldn't figure out how to sew the pockets. I ripped the seams 3 times so I decided it was too much and no pocket is included (even if I found this TUTORIAL ) I really like this old-fashioned look. Why not modernizing it,... [Lire la suite]
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03 septembre 2013

Monday's To-Do List...or rather..Tuesday's TDL !

Well, yesterday was my son's first day in junior high and today's his 10th birthday so my TDL was much more trying to survive highschool than writing on the blog! Last week's goal was to alter my blouse pattern, but this week I will devote my time to something else because I CAN'T STAND ALTERATIONS anymore on this blouse. If the bust is now fine, I've got troubles with the waist and hips (that's a long blouse). Really, I don't know how to handle that. I think that I will get back to the size 14-16 (since waist and hips go fine in... [Lire la suite]
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